Surjit Kalra – A life dedicated to Punjabi

Surjit Singh Kalra founded the Punjabi Language Development Board, a voluntary organization dedicated to the promotion of the Punjabi language in Birmingham UK, where he has dedicated over 50 years to the promotion of the language.

In India Surjit S. Kalra taught at Khalsa College Jalandhar and then Government College Bareilly before emigrating to the UK in 1962. In the UK he worked as a secondary school teacher, college lecturer, translator and interpreter, and eventually the Head of the Community Language Service for Birmingham Education Authority from which he retired in 1992. He was integrally involved in the GCSE, A-level and continuing education levels of Punjabi through all of the examinations boards as an examiner, moderator and assessor.

Alongside his professional career in teaching, Surjit S. Kalra continuously developed and produced Punjabi teaching and learning aids for the benefit of subsequent generations of Punjabi communities in passing on literacy and fluency in Punjabi. He produced numerous teaching and learning material in the form of primers (kaide), dictionaries, posters, CD’s and primers.

He has also been a prolific writer and was widely published in the Punjabi press in the UK, such as Des Pardes. Sahib and Panjabi Guardian. He has also published several collections of his own short stories.


A. Dual Language Activity Books: Panjabi – English:

  1. Panjabi Crossword
  2. Panjabi Word Search
  3. Where Would You Go?
  4. What Am I?
  5. Spot The Difference
  6. Panjabi Phrases
  7. Panjabi Riddles
  8. Dot to Dot
  9. Who Will Be A Sikh Scholar?
  10. Find The Odd One Out
  11. Panjabi Pictorial Alphabet
  12. Matching

B. Panjabi Short Stories:

  1. Baar Parai
  2. Hauke
  3. Ham Safar
  4. Sharan
  5. Rakhrhee

C. Panjabi Teaching/Learning Books:

  1. Teach Yourself Punjabi (With Two CD’s)
  2. Guru Angad Panjabi Kaida (With A CD)
  3. A Set of Three Basic Punjabi Learning Books